example narrative

The Zebra and Crocodile

One day there were a group of zebras. They wanted to cross a river. When they were in the middle of the river, suddenly the crocodile approached the zebra. The crocodile said to the zebra “where are you going?” asked the crocodile. “We wanted to cross to the side of the river”.


At that time the crocodile was very hungry, then the crocodile offering help to the one of zebra to go up to the back of the crocodile, but The zebra refused the crocodile offer. Suddenly the crocodile attacked and want to eat the zebra. The zebra was trying to escape but it can not because its leg was bitten by the crocodile.


The zebra shouted for helped to its friends. Then they were approached and attacked the crocodile. The crocodiles were lost and give up in despair. Then the zebras were crossed the river together and arrive at the side of the river safely.


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